How a Rinnai tankless water heater works

High efficiency Rinnai gas water heater with a down firing burner.

Rinnai Continuous flow commercial water heater animation

Rinnai gas water heater offers a full modulating burner that can meet exactly the hot water demand.

Rinnai gas automatic changeover system

The Rinnai gas automatic change over system guarantees a hot shower, even when running out of gas. The gas water heater will issue a blinking code error 12 when runs out of gas. The error code 12 is used to trigger the spare gas bottle. The person under the shower has to close the hot water tap and re-open, thus the gas water heater will re-ignite on the spare gas bottle.

Rinnai gas water heater as a solar booster

Rinnai gas water heaters are excellent to serve as a solar booster since the gas water heater will automatically top up the water coming in from the solar to the desired temperature while utilising the energy collected from the sun.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater How It Works

Rinnai N series – Innovation in Action

The Rinnai N series is the ultimate in commercial water heating, this video demonstrates the basic operation of the appliance and highlights key areas of performance.

Rinnai N series – Innovation in Performance

The Rinnai N series combines cutting edge technology with innovative combustion precision. This video demonstrates how multiple systems within the water heater come together to deliver excellent performance.

Rinnai N series – Innovation in Heat Transfer

The Rinnai N series is set to become the pinnacle in global water heating, this video sets out the innovative heat transfer technology deployed within the Rinnai water heaters.

Rinnai N series – Innovation in Combustion

The Rinnai N series is an innovative water heater that has mastered the art of transferring heat from energy. This video highlights the methods used to achieve this within the Rinnai water heater.