Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the external model is designed to be mounted externally. The unit is weather proof, and therefore its operation is not affected by rain or strong winds. It does not need to be covered and needs no flue.

In a domestic household the flow rate is taken as 7ltrs / min.

Yes, the controller is totally sealed and uses an extra safety low voltage of 12V.

The package includes a standard wire of length 20 meters, which can be cut to the desired length. The cable can also be extended to a maximum length of 50 meters.

The gas tank can be installed both close to the water heater, and also distant from the water heater. There a various gas pipes to choose from, make sure to speak to our technical staff due to the fact that the gas pipe has to be sized according to the total distance of the pipe and the gas flow required by the gas water heater.

Rinnai provides the customer with a high end quality water heater, the unit uses less gas consumption when compared to other traditional gas water heaters, and this is due to the modulating gas valve which enables the burner to use the least gas possible, taking into consideration the water flow rate, input temperature and desired output temperature.

No, not necessarily, almost all the units are connected to the roof tank and fed through using gravity, and this is due to the fact that the unit is equipped with a flow meter, which enables the water heater to spark and ignite once the flow rate has exceeded the 1.7ltrs /min.

Yes, the gas water heater can be integrated with any type or brand of solar water heater. The unit will regulate automatically the burner according to the inlet temperature, thus if the gas water heater is set to 40°, and the solar is heated up at 50°, the gas water heater will not ignite and let the water passing through freely. In the event of the solar heating up the water half way through, for example from 10° the solar will heat it up to 25°, and the water heater will be set to 40°, it will automatically ignite and heat up by 15° to 40° which is the desired temperature, thus consuming half the gas.

Yes, the gas water heater can be installed as a central hot water heater providing for all hot water points throughout the household.

There different types of gas pipes to choose from; copper gas pipe, stainless steel gas pipe (CSST), MDPE gas pipe, flexible rubber gas hose, etc. Different gas pipes have different applications, please speak to our technical staff to ensure that the gas pipe shall be installed and sized correctly and according to local gas legislations.

If the water heater will run out of gas during operation, the water will turn cold and the water heater will issue an error code 12. However one can install the gas automatic change over system, thus the spare gas bottle will be enabled when running out of gas. Thus one can continue to shower with hot water.