Two commercial heavy duty gas water heaters were installed at Paulos Boutique hotel in Valletta. The gas water heaters will serve a solar booster and heat up the hot hot water to the required temperature when in need. The system has the following features:

  • The gas water heaters are connected in series with a solar water heater. The gas water heaters will automatically ignite and heat up the water to the required temperature. Thus utilising to the max the energy gained trough the solar water heater.
  • The water heaters are connected together trough the EZ cable thus allowing for a full burner modulation from 4.6kW up to a maximum of 114 kW of instantaneous output power.
  • The above heating system is enough to supply hot water for eight bathrooms running at the same time without the help of the solar water heater.
  • High efficiency gas water heaters. Eco Energy Rating – A class
  • Gas automatic change over system. The gas system will automatically open the spare cylinders once the main gas cylinders will run out gas. A red led will turn on to indicate that the system is running on spare gas.
  • Accurate water temperature control.