The hotel was using ten storage electric water heaters with a volume of 200L and 3kW electric element each. Main problem of this system was that it was very expensive to run due to high electricity costs and clients were complaining that they were running out of hot water. In total the hotel had 2000L of stored hot water and was still not enough to meet the hot water demand.


A Rinnai infinity plus storage pack was installed to cater for all hot water demands. The system compromises of the following:

  • Two HDC1500e external gas water heaters with a 54.7kW output power each.
  • 300L buffer vessel to cater for hot water peak loads.
  • Secondary circulation pump for building hot water return.
  • Automatic gas change over system with a remote LED lamp to indicate that the system is running on spare gas.


  • Hot water shortages problem solved. The above system is enough to deliver hot water for a hotel with an occupancy of 70 people.
  • Yearly savings of EUR 9000 from the electricity bill.
  • Reliable system and low maintenance.