The 11-liter One tankless water heater is a domestic instant water heater to be installed indoor. It produces hot water only in the face of a real request (only when you open the tap). Unlike a tank, it does not need to keep large quantities of water at high temperatures in stock. This allows great savings in terms of energy costs and water consumption. No need to mix the water, which comes out immediately at the desired temperature. Energy Class A+.

Installation Wall Hung Indoor
Height 541mm
Width 373mm
Depth 173mm
Weight 14kg
Exhaust system Forced flue, room sealed
Temperature Range 37°C – 65°C
Ignition method Direct electronic
Gas consumption 4.1kW min – 23.7kW max
Hot water delivery capacity 11L/min raised 25°C
Min operating water flow 2.0L/min
Nominal operating pressure 1 – 10 bar
Power supply 230V AC 50Hz 1ph
Electric consumption (remote/standby/antifrost) 40/1.5/116 Watts