Advanced condensing heat exchangers combined with innovative down firing pre-mix burner technology ensures every cubic metre of natural gas or LPG is utilised to the maximum.

The Rinnai Sensei water heaters are the pinnacle in commercial water heating. The Sensei is a fully modulating, fully condensing, stainless steel, continuous flow water heater.

This unique water heater design offers turndown ratios of 13:1 and has many other new and exciting features. The Sensei range comes in 59.7kW and 47kW variants for both internal and external wall mounting. The Sensei range is A-rated and can offer flow rates above 1500 litres of temperature accurate hot water per hour.

The Rinnai Sensei is capable of being installed in a cascade arrangement meaning that multiple water heaters can be situated side by side to increase the flow rate and supply the most demanding applications. Newly incorporated features include flue damper, in-built sequencing controls, a stainless steel heat exchanger, easy gas conversion system and turbo-fan.

Our mission is to provide the best in class, added value water heating solutions at an economical price.

Installation Internal wall mounted
Fuel LPG
Temp. Range 37°C – 85°C
Gas Consumption 4.4kW – 58kW
Exhaust type Forced room sealed
Ignition Electronic
Height 670mm
Width 470mm
Depth 276mm
Weight 29kg
Hot water delivery capacity 32L/min raised 25°C
Minimum operating flow rate 1.5 L/min
Nominal operating pressure 1-10 bar
Electrical Supply 230 AC 50Hz 1ph
Electric consumption (remote/standby/anti frost) 75 / 3 / 154 Watts