RCD-XHF is a pre-assembled kit that allows the creation of domestic hot water recirculation systems for domestic utilities. Due to its ability to detect water temperature, Rinnai RCD-XHF can be used with any device, ensuring pump activation only when the temperature in the recirculation loop is actually lowered.

The system can interface with any DHW producer, boiler or directly with solar systems. It is equipped with a standard thermostat, where up to 16 different operating time bands can be stored, allowing the recirculation pump to be controlled. Thus the thermostat is customisable to suit specific needs, ensuring comfort and savings.

The Rinnai kit is a “plug and play” system that, due to its hydraulic connection, ensures a perfect result compactly containing all the accessories that you would normally have to install one by one.

RCD-XHF Universal recirculating kit with programmable thermostat, can be applied to non Rinnai manufactured equipment, compatible with all Rinnai Line Up models.
Hydraulic flow rate (l/min) 6,5 l/min
Max settable temperature (°C) 110°C
Nominal operating pressure (bar) MAX 3,5 bar
Antifreeze up to -15 ° C (STANDARD)
Installation Indoor and outdoor
Standard accessories MC-91Q standard remote control