Rinnai Infinity 17i Internal

The Rinnai Infinity offers a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water a just the temperature you choose..

Operated via an easy to use built-in digital controller, the 17i provides near mains pressure flow for as long as you need it, without the need for thermostatic mixer valves. The Rinnai Infinity 17i also comes with frost protection as standard.

Sudden changes in water temperature, causing cold showers or scalding hot baths are a thing of the past with Rinnai’s Infinity water heater.

100% accurate water temperature control

Unlike many competitors, the water temperature you set is the water temperature you get. So, if you are showering at, say 42 degrees, and someone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house, the temperature will not vary.

Safe, predictable hot water – all day, everyday

The rinnai Infinity 17i continous flow gas fired water heater is the perfect choice for many applications including

  • Domestic properties/dwellings
  • Cafes, pubs and restaurants
  • Offices, shops and hairdressers
  • Small industrial units

Rinnai water heaters are CE and WRAS approved


Installation Internal wall mounted
Height 541mm
Width 373mm
Depth 173mm
Weight 14.5kg
Exhaust system Room sealed, forced flue
Temperature Range 37°C - 65°C
Ignition method Direct electronic
Gas consumption Propane 4.5kW - 36kW max
Hot water delivery capacity 17L/min raised 25°C
Min operating water flow 2.0 L/min
Nominal operating pressure 1 - 10 bar
Power supply 230V AC 50Hz 1ph
Electric consumption (remote/standby/antifrost) 80/1.5/116 Watts

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